Commercial Vs. Residential Wiring

Residential vs Commercial Wiring If you’ve never done any electrical work on your own, you might be under the impression that residential and commercial wiring are one and the same. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Since residential properties typically have much different electrical demands than commercial ones, there are lots of differences that separate residential and commercial electrical wiring. Check out a few of the key differences between the two below.

The designs for residential and commercial electrical wiring are different.

In most instances, residential electrical wiring has a single-phase design. It consists of three wires, including a positive wire, a negative wire, and a neutral wire, and they’re capable of carrying 120 volts. The only exception is when the electrical wiring is connected to a large appliance like an air conditioner or a washer and dryer. In that case, residential wiring utilizes a two-phase design that can carry 240 volts. But when it comes to commercial electrical wiring, a three-phrase design is the preferred option. This type of system includes two legs that can carry 120 volts each and another leg that can run 208 volts.

The location of residential and commercial electrical wiring is different, too.

Residential wiring is usually hidden inside of most homes. The only way you can find it is by taking down part of a wall or crawling into an attic or crawlspace. Commercial wiring, on the other hand, is often put in more accessible places. For example, you’ll often find commercial wiring in the ceiling rafters of a commercial property where it can be serviced quickly and easily.

Residential and commercial wiring also have different insulations.

Residential electrical wiring is almost always covered up with sheath insulation before it’s installed. But commercial electrical wiring is typically covered with a more heavy-duty type of insulation called TTHT. It’s specifically designed to protect commercial electrical wiring from liquids, corrosive gases, and more.

There are some electricians who only work on residential wiring. There are others who specialize in commercial wiring. However, at Always on Electric, we do both. We offer residential electrical services as well as commercial electrical services to our clients. Call us at 970-309-2616 today to schedule services for your home or business.

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