A Guide to Finding a Reliable Residential Electrician

Residential ElectriciansAre you in search of a residential electrician right now? If so, you shouldn’t have much trouble at all tracking one down. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 700,000 electricians operating throughout the country. As such, it can be a little bit difficult finding the right residential electrician for the job that you need done. Here is a guide to finding a residential electrician you can trust.

See if you can find a good recommendation from a family member or friend.

You might not have much experience working with residential electricians. Nevertheless, there’s a decent chance you have at least a few family members and friends who have had to work with one in the past. Call on your family members and friends to provide you with recommendations for residential electricians in your area. You might even want to put out an open call on Facebook to cast a wider net when searching for a great electrician.

Read through online reviews to find out which electricians those in your community like best.

If your family members and friends aren’t much help when it comes to recommending residential electricians, turn to online reviews for electricians in your area for help. You can learn more about which residential electricians people in your community seem to like best based on the online reviews you read for them.

Call and interview electricians yourself to find out what they bring to the table.

While it’s smart to turn to others for assistance when you’re on the hunt for a residential electrician, you shouldn’t expect them to do all your dirty work for you. You should also make an effort to learn as much as you can about the electricians you’re considering. You can do this by browsing around on their websites to see which services they have to offer. You can also do it by calling them up and spending a few minutes talking to them about what they have to offer to you. It’ll make you feel more confident in your decision when you narrow down your choices to just one residential electrician.

If you’re looking around for a residential electrician that you know you can trust, look no further than Always on Electric. We can set you up with the residential electrical services you need and do it at a great price. Call us at 970-309-2616 to hear more about the services we can provide for you.

Electrical Troubleshooting Tips for Industrial Businesses

Industrial ElectricianWhen you own an industrial business, you’re going to need to get used to dealing with electrical issues from time to time. Many of these issues will be minor in nature. However, if you get into the habit of ignoring them and don’t determine what’s causing them, they can eventually lead to much larger problems down the line. Let’s take a look at some electrical troubleshooting tips that you can use to keep your industrial business’ electrical system up and running the way it’s supposed to at all times.

Work to gather information on an electrical issue as quickly as you can.

The second you notice an electrical issue in your industrial facility, you should formulate a plan of attack. Take a look at how the electrical issue is affecting your industrial equipment and talk to your employees to see if this issue is new or something that’s been a lingering problem. The more info you have on an electrical issue, the better your chances of figuring out what’s causing it so that it can be fixed.

Try to pinpoint the source of an electrical issue whenever possible.

Once you’ve taken the time to gather information on your electrical issue, the next step you should take is trying to pinpoint the source of the issue. This is often easier said than done, but you may be able to narrow the potential sources down by visually inspecting electrical wiring and outlets and checking out which part of your facility seems to be impacted the most by the electrical issue.

Aim to have your electrical issue fixed by a licensed industrial electrician right away.

Unless you have extensive experience and training as an industrial electrician, you should not attempt to correct an electrical issue in your facility. You could end up making the issue much worse than it already is by trying to repair it on your own. You could also put yourself and your employees at risk by tinkering around with electrical components. Call on a licensed industrial electrician to visit your facility right away and make the necessary electrical repairs.

Are you experiencing an electrical issue in your industrial facility right now? Always on Electric can come out to your facility and figure out what’s causing the issue. We can also make the right repairs to get your electrical system working seamlessly again. Call us at 970-309-2616 to schedule an appointment with an industrial electrician.

What Can I Do to Fix My Circuit Breaker?

Fixing a Circuit BreakerThe circuit breakers in your home are among the most important things in your entire house. They’re designed to prevent the electrical wiring in your home from overheating. If they ever sense that too much electricity might be passing through your electrical wiring and putting it at risk, they’ll “trip” and shut off the electricity in the part of your home that is experiencing the problem. Here is how to fix a circuit breaker that has tripped.

Find out which circuit breaker has tripped.

If you ever lose power in a portion of your home, the first thing you should do is run down to your breaker box and take a look at your circuit breakers. If one of them has tripped, you’ll notice the lever for it will be located in between the “on” and “off” positions. You can push it back into the “on” position so it restores electricity to the portion of your home where the power went off. When you do this, see how the circuit breaker responds and then check to see whether or not the power has been restored.

See if a circuit breaker might be loose.

While you’re in the process of resetting a circuit breaker, jiggle it around a little bit to see if it feels loose to you at all. If it moves around more than you think it should, it could indicate that your circuit breaker is faulty and that it needs to be replaced. You should consider leaving the circuit breaker in the “off” position until you’ve had a chance to replace it with help from a residential electrician.

Call an electrician if a circuit breaker continues to trip.

You’ll want to reach out to an electrician right away if you ever notice a loose circuit breaker in your breaker box. You’ll also want to get in contact with one if a circuit breaker continues to trip over and over again once you’ve returned it to the “on” position. It’s not out of the ordinary for a circuit breaker to trip every now and then. It’ll sometimes happen when you plug in a vacuum cleaner or a blender in a part of your home where you already have a bunch of other things plugged in. But if you have a circuit breaker that’s tripping all the time, it could be an indication of a larger issue that will need to get looked at right away.

There are some circuit breaker problems that you can fix on your own. Nevertheless, there are also plenty that’ll require the services of a professional electrician. Always on Electric will provide you with the electrical services you need in your home. Call us at 970-309-2616 to schedule an appointment with an electrician.

Myths About Saving Electrical Energy at Home

Energy Saving MythsWould you like to cut down on how much energy you use in your home on a daily basis? If so, there are many ways for you to do it. However, there are also a lot of energy-saving myths out there that can lead you astray when it comes to scaling back on your home’s energy usage. Avoid these myths at all costs since they won’t save you much energy at all.

Myth: Turning a light off and then back on uses more energy than just leaving a light on.

For years, some people have been under the impression that it makes more sense to leave lights on in their houses as opposed to turning them on and off all day long. But this is, of course, not true. Turning a light on doesn’t use up any more energy than letting a light sit on. It’s why you should get into the habit of turning lights off when you’re not using them to conserve energy.

Myth: Running an AC all day to keep a house cool uses less energy than turning an AC on at the end of the day when a house is hot and stuffy.

Many homeowners leave their AC systems running all day long to keep a house that no one is in cool. They do it because they think it’ll help them steer clear of having to waste energy later by attempting to cool off a stuffy house with an overmatched AC system. It will take your AC system some time to cool off a stuffy house, but it’ll still require far less energy to take that approach than it will to keep your AC running throughout the day. If you’re concerned about coming home to a warm house, consider installing a smart thermostat that you can turn on about an hour before you get home.

Myth: Appliances don’t use any electricity when they’re plugged in but not turned on.

Many older appliances used to shut down when you had them turned off and not waste energy. But these days, many appliances and other gadgets continue to use up energy unnecessarily when they’re not being used. It’s a great idea to unplug appliances that don’t need to be plugged in all the time if you want to save energy.

If you’re serious about wanting to save energy, don’t buy into any of these myths. Instead, let Always on Electric show you some ways to bring your energy costs way down. Call us at 970-309-2616 to schedule our residential electrical services.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Having the Lighting on Your Property Retrofitted

Licensed electricianDo you have a bunch of older lighting fixtures scattered around inside your home or business? You might be thinking about replacing them altogether. However, rather than going that route, why not have your lighting retrofitted? During the retrofitting process, an electrician will bring your existing lighting system up to speed by swapping out older parts for newer ones without having to replace your lighting system altogether. Continue reading to find a few reasons why this has turned into such a popular option for many home and business owners.

Saves money

Most home and business owners at least consider having their lighting retrofitted because of all the money that they can save by doing it. When you have lighting retrofitted, it’ll cost a lot less than it would to replace an entire lighting system. It can also bring down your energy costs and save you money every month since you’ll be using a better lighting system once your electrical work is all done.

Provides better lighting

If you don’t like the lighting that your lighting system is providing at the moment, retrofitting it could be the answer to your prayers. You can improve the quality of light in your home or business in most cases by having lighting retrofits done. You’ll be able to see better when you have your lights turned on, and the lighting that is produced will make your home or business look better as a whole.

Works wonders for the environment

Many older lighting systems are not good for the environment. They run through too much energy and create too much waste by causing light bulbs to burn out quickly. You can make your home or business more eco-friendly in an instant when you invest in lighting retrofits. You’ll also reduce the number of times that you need to change lightbulbs and do other maintenance to your electrical system.

Always on Electric specializes in performing lighting retrofits for both our residential customers and our commercial clients. Call us at 970-309-2616 to discover more about how lighting retrofits can benefit you and your home or business.

What Does It Mean to Be a Licensed Electrician in Colorado?

Licensed electrician Do you need to have electrical work done in your home? If so, you should always make sure you’re working with a licensed electrician. Don’t be afraid to ask an electrician to provide you with proof that shows they’ve taken the proper steps to earn their license. All electricians in Colorado are required to obtain a license from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Electrical Board by passing an exam. They also need to meet several other important requirements. Learn more about them below.

Residential Wireman

This is the most basic type of electrician. They specialize in installing electrical wiring inside of homes. To get a license to become a residential wireman, an electrician must prove that they have at least 4,000 hours worth of experience when it comes to installing electrical construction wiring for things like lights, heat, and power over the course of the last two years.

Journeyman Electrician

This type of electrician is a step up from the residential wireman, as they can perform electrical work in both homes and businesses. They need to be able to prove that they have at least 8,000 hours worth of experience over the last four years working on electrical wiring for lights, heat, and power. Additionally, they need to have at least 4,000 hours worth of experience over the last two years working on electrical jobs in commercial and/or industrial settings.

Master Electrician

This type of electrician is the best kind of electrician around. To get licensed, master electricians need to meet all the qualifications of a journeyman electrician. They also need to have at least 2,000 hours worth of experience with regards to electrical planning and supervising electrical installations over the last year.

If you’re searching for a licensed electrician to set you up with electrical services, look no further than the electricians at Always on Electric. We can provide residential, commercial, industrial, and even agricultural electrical services and make sure your next electrical project goes according to plan. Call us at 970-309-2616 to schedule an appointment.

What Makes a Great Industrial Electrician?

Industrial Electricians Do you need to install new electrical equipment in your industrial facility or have existing electrical equipment repaired? You need more than just an ordinary electrician to come out and get the job done. Instead, hire an industrial electrician to perform electrical work in your facility. Here are some of the things that make up a great industrial electrician.

Extensive experience

When an industrial electrician comes out to your facility to perform an installation or make a repair, they’re going to be asked to work on electrical equipment that is extremely high-powered. As a result, they need to know exactly what they’re doing at all times to avoid injuring themselves or others. A great industrial electrician should have extensive experience in the field. It’ll help them make the necessary installations and repairs without causing any issues in your facility.

Variety of industrial services

Industrial electricians need to be able to provide their clients with a wide range of services when they’re called on. The very best industrial electricians should be able to install, maintain, and repair things like generators, transformers, electric motors, electrical wiring, industrial storage batteries, and more. There shouldn’t be any electrical job too big or too small for these electricians.

Easy access to the right tools and equipment

In order to provide you with all the services that we just mentioned, industrial electricians need to have access to all the right tools and equipment. They should show up prepared to work on your electrical equipment with these tools and equipment. Additionally, industrial electricians should always be equipped with licenses and insurance, just in case something goes wrong when you’re having electrical work done.

If you’ve been searching for a great industrial electrician, look no further than Always on Electric. We can send an industrial electrician to your facility to take care of any electrical work you need to have done. Call us at 970-309-2616 today to schedule an electrical installation or repair.

How an Agricultural Electrician Can Help Your Farm

Agricultural ElectricianIf you own a farm, it’s not a bad idea at all for you to be on a first-name basis with an agricultural electrician. This type of electrician can take on all kinds of electrical projects for you to keep your farm safe and help it operate more efficiently. Check out some of the top ways in which an agricultural electrician can help you below.

Makes your farm safer and more secure

The safety and security of your farm should be one of your top priorities. An agricultural electrician can help you in this department by helping you install the proper lighting on your property. They can also lend a hand when it comes to installing things like alarm systems and electric wire fences.

Protects and preserves the animals on your farm

Do you have animals on your farm? Protecting and preserving them will be another thing that you’ll need to worry about at almost all times. An agricultural electrician can help you in this department by installing lighting that will allow your livestock to move around. Lighting can also be installed to keep your livestock warm during the colder times of year.

Keeps your farming equipment working properly

There’s a good chance that you have quite a bit of farming equipment and systems on your farm that call for the use of electricity. If, for example, you have an irrigation system, it’s not going to run without electricity. An agricultural electrician can make sure all your various equipment works at all times. They can also run power to different parts of your farm as necessary so that you can add new equipment to your property.

Do you need to obtain the services of an agricultural electrician? Let Always on Electric provide you with the agricultural electrical services that you need. Call us at 970-309-2616 today to schedule an appointment with an electrician on your farm.

How to Prevent Electric Shocks

Electric ShocksThere are more than 30,000 non-fatal electric shocks that take place all across the country each year. Many of these shocks occur inside homes, and some even involve children. The good news is they’re often preventable as long as you take the proper precautions. Here are a few ways that you can stop an electric shock from happening in your home.

Put plug covers over all your electrical outlets.

If you have a small child living in your home, you should place plug covers over each and every electrical outlet in your house. No matter how many times you tell a young child not to touch an electrical outlet, there is always a chance that they could get curious and try to do it anyway when you’re not looking. If they’re able to stick something into an outlet, it could result in them experiencing an electric shock.

Keep anything that’s plugged into an outlet away from water.

Positioning electronics anywhere in the general vicinity of water is a big no-no. You should keep your toaster away from your sink, your Bluetooth speaker away from your bathtub, and all of your other gadgets away from the various sources of water throughout your home. If an electronic falls into water while it’s plugged in, it could prove to be catastrophic.

Replace old, worn-down electrical fixtures.

The electrical switches and outlets in your home aren’t designed to last forever. They will wear down on you over time and eventually need to be replaced. If you choose not to replace them, your electrical fixtures could cause small electric shocks. Touch base with an electrician as soon as you can to have old electrical fixtures removed from your home and replaced with new ones.

Always On Electric can reduce the chances of anyone in your home sustaining an electric shock by providing you with electrical services. Call us at 970-309-2616 today to see how our services can keep you safe.

Signs You Need a Residential Electrician

Residential ElectricianDo you have electrical circuit breakers in your home that are tripping on you all the time? This could potentially indicate a big problem with your home’s electrical system. It’s important for you to call a residential electrician right away so that they can take a closer look at the issue. There are also other signs that you need to touch base with an electrician sooner than later. Check them out below.

Flickering lights

If the lights in your home flicker every once in a blue moon, it might not be the end of the world. Nevertheless, if you notice that your lights are flickering or even turning off completely on an almost daily basis, you shouldn’t ignore it. This is more than likely a sign that you should have a residential electrician come to evaluate your electrical system.

Warm outlets or switches

Feel the outlets and switches in your home every now and then to see if they’re warm. If they are, there is a decent chance that you have some kind of electrical issue on your hands. If the problem starts to spiral out of control, it’s not uncommon for the wall surrounding an outlet or switch to get warm, too.

Old electrical wiring

The electrical wiring that you have in your home is not supposed to last for decades and decades on end. Most electrical wiring is only designed to last for about 25 years before it needs to be replaced. It’s a good idea to have a residential electrician inspect and possibly replace old electrical wiring before it causes issues for you.

The next time you notice one of these signs of trouble, let Always on Electric come out to your home and provide you with residential electrical services. Call us at 970-309-2616 today to set up an appointment.