5 Signs Your Colorado Home Needs Electrical Upgrades

As a homeowner in Colorado, it’s important to ensure that your electrical system is in top-notch condition to maintain the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your home. Over time, electrical systems can become outdated or experience wear and tear, posing potential risks and inconveniences.

electrical outlet in home being re-wired by professional electricians

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

If your circuit breakers trip frequently, it may indicate that your electrical system is overloaded. This could be due to outdated wiring or an insufficient electrical panel. Upgrading your electrical system will provide the necessary capacity to handle your electrical demands.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

If your lights flicker or dim unexpectedly, it may be a sign of faulty wiring, loose connections, or outdated fixtures. These issues can lead to electrical hazards or insufficient lighting. Upgrading your wiring and fixtures will ensure consistent and reliable illumination.

Outdated Electrical Panel

If your home still has an old fuse box or an inadequate electrical panel, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern electrical panels are equipped with advanced safety features and can handle increased electrical loads, ensuring better protection against electrical hazards.

Non-Grounded Outlets

Older homes often have ungrounded outlets, which can be dangerous, especially in areas where electrical devices require grounding. Upgrading to grounded outlets will enhance electrical safety and provide additional protection against electrical shocks.

Inconsistent Power Supply

If you experience frequent power surges or voltage fluctuations, it’s crucial to have your electrical system assessed. Inconsistent power supply can damage sensitive electronic devices and appliances. Upgrading your electrical system will provide stable and reliable power throughout your home.

Recognizing the signs that your Colorado home needs electrical upgrades is crucial for the safety, functionality, and convenience of your property. Whether it’s addressing outdated wiring, upgrading the electrical panel, or installing additional outlets, investing in electrical upgrades will enhance your home’s electrical system and provide peace of mind.

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The Importance of Quality Exterior Lighting for Businesses

Exterior Lighting for Commercial Businesses Whether you realize it or not, your business presents itself to the public at all hours of the day. People will pass by your business even if it is closed, so it’s important to have quality exterior lighting, especially when it’s dark outside. When your business is open after the sun goes down and it’s really dark outside, people need to be able to see it in order to find it. Even when you’re closed, leaving the lights on has numerous benefits, including free advertising for your business.

Mood Setter

Did you know there are many ways to describe light? Soft or bright are typical adjectives used when describing light, but there’s also hue (shade), colorfulness, and saturation (intensity/chroma). Lighting helps set a mood for a place. Did you know red/orange light heightens people’s appetites? Or that nightclubs will use blue/purple light to help make people feel more comfortable and ready to socialize? Light is essential to business.

Encourage Business

With exterior lighting, your business should be lit up in such a way that it encourages “walk-in” business. The light(s) should literally attract customers. A great idea is to use path lighting, which literally lights the pathway to your door so customers know exactly where to walk in order to get into your place. Pathway exterior lights will also help draw attention to your business and its doors. Meanwhile, people feel more comfortable going into a place that’s well-lit. A bright storefront, for example, has better “curb appeal” than a dark one.

A Deterrent

One of the main reasons businesses invest in quality exterior lighting is to deter thieves. Safety, with businesses, is always a concern. Criminals and people up to no good love to find dark spots to make trouble– where they can’t easily be seen. However, when a building is well-illuminated, it looks, feels and literally is safer than a building that’s dark. Also, lights help security cameras create clearer pictures of exactly what’s going on outside of a business at night, whether it’s on the sidewalk in front, in the nearby parking lot or wherever people tend to congregate.

A Touch of Panache

Finally, lights add personality to a place. Think of the unique businesses and their exterior signs that stand out in your memory. Lighting can add new decor elements to your building, making it even more attractive. Lighting can also double as signage.

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Here’s Why You Should Consider Having the Lighting on Your Property Retrofitted

Licensed electricianDo you have a bunch of older lighting fixtures scattered around inside your home or business? You might be thinking about replacing them altogether. However, rather than going that route, why not have your lighting retrofitted? During the retrofitting process, an electrician will bring your existing lighting system up to speed by swapping out older parts for newer ones without having to replace your lighting system altogether. Continue reading to find a few reasons why this has turned into such a popular option for many home and business owners.

Saves money

Most home and business owners at least consider having their lighting retrofitted because of all the money that they can save by doing it. When you have lighting retrofitted, it’ll cost a lot less than it would to replace an entire lighting system. It can also bring down your energy costs and save you money every month since you’ll be using a better lighting system once your electrical work is all done.

Provides better lighting

If you don’t like the lighting that your lighting system is providing at the moment, retrofitting it could be the answer to your prayers. You can improve the quality of light in your home or business in most cases by having lighting retrofits done. You’ll be able to see better when you have your lights turned on, and the lighting that is produced will make your home or business look better as a whole.

Works wonders for the environment

Many older lighting systems are not good for the environment. They run through too much energy and create too much waste by causing light bulbs to burn out quickly. You can make your home or business more eco-friendly in an instant when you invest in lighting retrofits. You’ll also reduce the number of times that you need to change lightbulbs and do other maintenance to your electrical system.

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The Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

Commercial Lighting Retrofits Does it feel like you’re paying too much money each month to use the lighting in your commercial property? Lighting retrofits from a reputable electrician could make all the difference in the world. By replacing some of the components in your electrical system, you can cut down on the amount of energy you’re using to light up your business and save yourself money in the process. Check out some of the other benefits of lighting retrofits below.

Lighting retrofits will provide better lighting for your business.

Are you unhappy with the lighting in your business right now? It could be because of the poor quality of lighting that is currently installed. Lighting retrofits will offer you the chance to upgrade your lighting in a matter of just a day or so. You’ll be able to make life easier on yourself, your employees, and your customers or clients with your improved lighting.

They’ll force you to do less lighting maintenance.

If you have older lighting installed in your business, you probably have to replace bulbs and do other electrical work on a fairly routine basis. Nevertheless, with lighting retrofits, those things will be ancient history. Lighting retrofits will cut down on the maintenance you have to do to your lights and reduce the amount of money you spend on replacing bulbs every year.

They’ll be a lot better for the environment.

Most businesses today are making a push to become more eco-friendly. If that’s one of your goals, lighting retrofits will make it possible for you and your company to “go green.” Outside of trimming your energy costs every month, it’ll also show other people and businesses that you’re committed to running a responsible business that cares about the environment.

Generally, lighting retrofits are a great idea for any business. Call Always on Electric at 970-309-2616 today to take advantage of our commercial electrical services.